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Competitive Intelligence Services
are a collection of legal and ethical business activities aimed at gathering information about and analyzing a company's competitive environment. The process is designed to help a company's executive team develop a robust, forward-driven competitive strategy.

Competitive Analysis

What is Competitive Intelligence?

Let's start with what it is NOT . . .

It's NOT espionage — responsible CI adheres to strict ethical and legal guidelines

It's NOT pure data science — competitive intelligence is an art, applying science, reasoning and experience to develop long-term competitive strategies

It's NOT fortune-telling — hypotheses are founded on tangible insights and expertise

Competitive Intelligence IS

The process of gathering information (through both secondary and primary research), analyzing the results and developing strategies to enhance a company's competitive advantage


Marc Limacher, Founder and CEO of INOVIS global competitive intelligence and strategic analysisInfo vs Intel : Marc provides his perspective over the past 30+ years of the INOVIS journey ...

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Competitive Intelligence Services can include

Competitor investigations such as pre-sales account intelligence, market intelligence, due diligence investigations and new product concept development

Competitor tracking and analysis, which could include a competitor tracking service, tradeshow / conference intelligence, competitive benchmarking, and win/loss account analysis & tracking

Competitive strategies based on filing and launch assumptions in the Pharmaceutical industry

Salesforce training through competitor simulation workshops

Counter-intelligence assessments, identifying potential or existing sources of sensitive data leakage

Counter-intelligence training to protect a company from externally-driven intelligence activities


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