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Specialized strategic consulting and primary competitive intelligence for the eHealth / mHealth, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and medical devices sectors

INOVIS: Specialized Primary Intelligence and Strategic Consulting for Digital Health and Biotechnology

Since 1992, INOVIS has been at the forefront of competitive intelligence — ethically gathering hard-to-get primary intelligence, analyzing its implications ... and delivering reliable, actionable insights for our clients

Medical technology is advancing at a spectacular rate. Knowledge is critical to holding a competitive edge. INOVIS brings more than 3 decades of expertise in primary intelligence and strategic analysis in Life Sciences and IT to help you build a leading Digital Health market strategy

areas of focus

Digital and genomic technologies have converged with healthcare to create new market strategy challenges in digital and mHealth for quickly evolving medical devices and medical technology companies

Evolving social and
technological factors —

digital health drivers

— combined with
evolving technologies —

AI, big data, enhanced visualization, 3D digital prototyping, IoT, robotics, smart devices, EHR / EMR integration , wearable technology, mobile health apps, connected devices, electronic health records, telehealth, predictive analytics

— lead to rapid advancements
in the life sciences sector

tech-savvy physicians and surgeons, patient data concerns, patient communications, health care staff flow

We offer specialized primary competitive intelligence and strategic analysis and planning, which in turn supports our clients' efforts to develop high-quality products with FDA approval, while minimizing design costs and time-to-market

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