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Marc Limacher, INOVIS' Founder & CEO, reflects on the frequently held misconception that information equates to intelligence.


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There is a frequently held misconception that information equates to intelligence. Clearly it does not, instead what really matters is to turn information into insights and then turn those insights into actions. That's the core of competitive intelligence.

We are a global competitive intelligence firm to the IT and Life Sciences industries.

Back in the late 80s, I was working for a major West-Coast institutional investment firm. My charter personally was to see whether we could actually offer these services to non-investment clients, which I did and realized fairly quickly that there is clearly a latent demand for robust intelligence.

And that really was that famous light bulb moment when I realized we've got to start an independent firm to just specialize in CI.

Although it has almost been 30 years, that we started INOVIS, and believe me I don't believe it myself it has been 30 years. There are some fundamental elements that make INOVIS a unique place both to work but also as a partner to the client.

The first I want to emphasize is our entrepreneurial culture, which we still keep alive after all these years. And that also means we have a very open mind for new ideas. We encourage innovation. We want our people to constantly think of new ways of optimizing the client experience when they interact with us. That goes from the get-go when we scope out the project all the way to delivering the results, to do something with the intelligence. Be that a workshop, be that a strategy session, be that a competitor simulation game. It all has to do with being unique, being creative.

The second principle reason has to do with the seniority of our staff. It's tremendous experience that we have at INOVIS and I am really happy and honored to have such loyalty of our staff, because they bring such tremendous value to the client, in terms of the empathy that they have with them when defining issues as well as interpreting intelligence that comes in. So it's really experts talking to experts on the client side.

We live in a world of over-information and over-digitization, where it's more critical than ever to clearly differentiate information from genuine intelligence. At also the same time, it's mission critical to transform information into insights and then those insights into meaningful, high impact actions.

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