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Upskill Your Market & Competitive Intelligence Function

Like the organizations they work for, Strategy and Market/Competitive Intelligence teams are under enormous pressure to deliver tangible impact in this “new normal” business environment. However, if we're using the same playbook from last year, we might fail. While much of the CI/MI toolkit is still relevant, progressive leaders are using the current crisis as an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques to help their organizations thrive in the face of disruption.

This workshop will equip participants with best practices, tools and techniques to address two critical themes

Participants will walk away with a tested and proven toolbox containing a multitude of effective CI collection, analysis and presentation templates as well as a set of best practices on how to achieve lasting C-suite visibility with continuously relevant, high impact strategic intelligence.


Marc Limacher, Founder and CEO of INOVIS Competitive Intelligence Strategies
Marc Limacher
Founder & CEO
email Marc Limacher of INOVIS   find Marc Limacher of INOVIS on LinkedIn   Marc Limacher of INOVIS Reflects on Intelligence in 2020

Marc Limacher started INOVIS in 1992 as a boutique primary CI specialty firm in Palo Alto, CA, specializing in the pharma/medtech, digital health and IT industries... MORE+

Bajit Singh, Managing Director & Partner of INOVIS Competitor Intelligence Strategies for Pharma / Medtech / Digital Health
Dr Baljit Singh
Managing Director & Partner,
Life Sciences Group
email Baljit Singh of INOVIS   find Baljit Singh of INOVIS on LinkedIn   meet Baljit Singh of INOVIS

With nearly 15 years of experience in the global pharmaceutical, biotech, and generics market, Baljit's key responsibilities include both running operational activities and shaping strategic business direction ... MORE+

Kathleen Dean, Senior Director of Strategic Client Services, INOVIS Competitor Intelligence Strategies
Kathleen Dean
Senior Director
Strategic Client Services
email Kathleen Dean of INOVIS   find Kathleen Dean of INOVIS on LinkedIn

Kathleen proactively manages strategic client relationships and works to optimize the continuing INOVIS tradition of exceeding client expectations ... MORE+

Harshal Kubavat</span><br />Head of Strategic Consulting, Global Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Group, INOVIS Competitive Intelligence Strategies
Dr Harshal Kubavat
Head of Strategic Consulting,
Global Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Group
email Harshal Kubavat of INOVIS   find Harshal Kubavat of INOVIS on LinkedIn   meet Harshal Kubavat of INOVIS

Harshal is the Head of Strategic Consulting Services. Based in the London office, he brings the benefit of having both client and agency experience, ... MORE+

Larry Fauconnet, Senior Director, Competitor Insights and Strategy
Larry Fauconnet
Senior Director
Competitive Insights & Strategy
email Larry Fauconnet of INOVIS   find Larry Fauconnet of INOVIS on LinkedIn

Larry focusses on IT, Telecomm, and Digital Health, and leverages 30 years of competitive intelligence and strategy experience ... MORE+

Larry Fauconnet, Senior Director, Competitor Insights and Strategy
Dede Fauconnet
Senior Director
Global Project Management & Research
email Dede Fauconnet of INOVIS   find Larry Fauconnet of INOVIS on LinkedIn

Dede brings more than 25 years of sales, management, and analytical experience to the field of competitive intelligence ... MORE+

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