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Virtual & Blended Workshops:
Do you know what's important to running a successful session?

by Harshal Kubavat, PhD*


They say "people work with people", and nothing can be truer at this time, regardless of the current digital revolution we are witnessing in the corporate world.

Blended CI Workshops

Increasingly, teams, functions and organizations are becoming more and more global in nature, physically having employees dispersed over key geographic regions. With numerous cloud and virtual platforms being adopted by companies to maintain connectivity, it has often come along with difficulties in remote and siloed working and thinking within teams.

Despite the ever-growing proliferation of digital technologies that aid collaborative working aimed at addressing this, there is generally a consensus amongst our clients for face-to-face meetings wherever possible. Despite this need, routinely bringing together a global group, whatever their size, brings about challenges of resource management, time lost due to travel and general disruptions "off-site" activities bring to both personal and professional lives.

At INOVIS, we are regularly leveraging our | core facilitation capabilities | to bridge the divide between the all-in vs. all-out conundrum, adapting our collaborative workshop frameworks and solutions for running newer types of activities that are either fully VIRTUAL or BLENDED in nature, providing valuable time and space to collaborative working, irrespective of geographic restrictions.

VIRTUAL: fully remotely managed and attended, useful for highly matrixed global organization

BLENDED: whereby some attendees are centrally located and participate face-to-face and others join remotely


As anyone who's been on teleconference or videoconference for collaborative/problem-solving exercises can attest, running a workshop-like activity in a digital environment is not simply copy-pasting an agenda and framework. There are a large number of practical and interpersonal elements that need to be adapted to ensure aims and objectives are met, and that your participants leave the activity with a feeling of positive contribution - no easy feat!

We have found that the success of any Remote or Blended Workshop is heavily influenced by the following elements:

One of the most overlooked aspects of any activity of this type is often trying to do too much, too quickly. Creating an agenda and delivering the activities at a pace that allows for in-house, as well as remote participants to meaningfully contribute, is essential to create engagement and drive participation for those attending from a remote setting. Leveraging a strong facilitator that is able to identify the nuances, generate options, scope issues, make decisions and, where appropriate, build consensus across cross-functional teams is vital.


With effective planning, INOVIS has been able to generate agendas and exercises that meet client and their business's needs, ensuring that the right questions are being addressed so that relevant and actionable outputs are generated.

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If this all sounds interesting to you, why not look at our upcoming training program agendas and see how we can help you, achieve the next stage in your career — we look forward to seeing you soon!

Harshal Kubavat

Harshal Kubavat
Harshal Kubavat, PhD
Head of Strategic Consulting,
Global Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Group,
INOVIS Competitive Intelligence Strategies

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