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CI Training:
4 Reasons why it's as important as ever!

by Harshal Kubavat, PhD*


CI Essentials Workshop

Joining the world of Competitive Intelligence (CI) can be an exciting and dynamic time, regardless of what stage of your career you are in. When looking through former and current colleagues aligned to the profession, I've yet to meet someone that said they dedicated their schooling and early careers with an ambition to be in CI, which is a real shame!

For some, the entry into CI is through lateral career progression, potentially supporting an insight-driven role either in a hybrid role or wholly dedicated to a CI function. For others, including myself, it was a sense of intrigue, mystery and a chance to leverage my scientific background in a strategic way.

More recently, we at INOVIS have seen a greater 'devolvement' of CI responsibilities from a centralized/global function to something that sits closer to the local and regional teams that the greater organization supports. But with this devolution, comes the needs in upskilling a group/function that may have limited visibility on the CI role.

For that reason, CI Training continues to be essential because . . .

# 1
The "insights" function is constantly evolving, requiring the need for competitive insight alongside strategic planning and development

# 2
Greater emphasis on local market knowledge, given the need to implement competitive activities and responses

# 3
Increasing appetites for streamlined competitive workshops and simulations, leveraging traditional approaches in an AGILE and efficient manner

# 4
Increased focus on enabling strategy, i.e. by contextualizing external data, intelligence and internal assumptions

Regardless of where or how you come to CI, being effective at it, influencing without authority and managing the dissemination of insights and mobilizing action across a matrixed organization comes with its own unique challenges!

At the most fundamental level, our approach with the INOVIS CI School, aims to support those newer to CI in the Pharma world, or those increasing their support in this space through a shared/hybrid role, providing upskilling and frameworks for those that provide competitive insight and strategic guidance.

Leveraging the collective experiences that we at INOVIS bring from Vendor and Corporate roles, the course imparts participants with proven theory and frameworks, be it at a small start-up or larger multi-national organization.

By using interactive case studies, group activities and a mock-workshop, we aim to demonstrate the tools and techniques that we deem most useful. Moreover, we support participants in the development of best practices in how to collate information pertinent to their needs and what approaches towards evaluating, distributing and using these insights are most appropriate, in a practical way.

With a mock-CI workshop forming the last part of this dynamic, hands-on training program, our cohorts leave with a suite of tools, techniques and most important, renewed confidence in their abilities in guiding your organization with impactful strategic guidance through the competitive lens.


If this all sounds interesting to you, why not look at our upcoming training program agendas and see how we can help you, achieve the next stage in your career — we look forward to seeing you soon!

Harshal Kubavat

Harshal Kubavat
Harshal Kubavat, PhD
Head of Strategic Consulting,
Global Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Group,
INOVIS Competitive Intelligence Strategies

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