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Competitive Intelligence :
The Modern Practitioner's Handbook

by Harshal A. Kubavat
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Never before has competitive awareness and readiness been more important to current functioning and future success of organizations.

Development cycles are shortening, competition is increasing, and disruption is rumoured across industries. This book provides a practical and useful guide for strategists across industries, outlining key concepts, critical activities, and practical applications of competitive intelligence programs.

Through more than a decade of competitive and marketing strategy engagements, the author distils the most important tools and frameworks to get you started quickly and build successful strategies to ensure organizations can focus on what matters the most

Harshal Kubavat</span><br />Head of Strategic Consulting, Global Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Group, INOVIS Competitive Intelligence Strategies

Harshal Anantrai Kubavat

A Competitive Intelligence professional with more than a decade leading the Life Sciences competitive strategies at organizations across the globe. He has been at the forefront of brand and pipeline strategy with an emphasis on identifying, developing, and retaining competitive advantage. Through his competitive workshop facilitation and regular training within the competitive intelligence world, Harshal has established a reputation for a deeply analytical and facilitative approach in setting up teams and enabling decision-making across cross-functional stakeholders.

He is a former International Competitive Intelligence Manager at Roche Pharmaceuticals and Brand Manager at Roche Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd.

Harshal holds a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences, has previously been a pharmacist with a Master of Pharmacy degree and most recently attended Henley Business School to study Strategic Marketing Leadership.

from a Foreword by Marc Limacher
Founder & CEO — INOVIS

Congratulations on having decided to select this hands-on read based on tested and proven competitive intelligence (CI) practices, CI pitfalls to avoid, tested and proven methods to elevate the CI function's visibility and impact in an organization, and effective techniques to keep the CI organization valued and growing. Kudos to Harshal for not only creating a CI reference guide on how to achieve maximum impact from various CI activities, but also for presenting these tools in his usual entertaining, thought provoking style.

from a Foreword by Baljit Singh, PhD
Managing Director & Partner — INOVIS

I first met Harsh back in 2002/2003 ... even from those early days, there was something about him. He had a unique ability to interact, understand and connect with not only undergrads but also with PhDs, Post Docs and Professors. Moreover, he had the ability to comprehend complex areas outside his studies and always asked the right questions. It is some of those skills, combined with a Ph.D. in pharmaceutics and learnings from various roles in the CI industry (Agencies and Pharma) — working with large, medium and small Pharma and Biotech companies — that makes Harsh the right person to put together this highly useful and applicable piece of work around competitive strategy.

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