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CI and the Future of the Intelligence Ecosystem:
IntelliCon EURO 2024


Get the Most Mileage & ROI - Best Practices in Event Coverage +

Marc Limacher, INOVISMarc Limacher
Founder & CEO, INOVIS
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Yvette Lawal, Director, Competitive Intelligence, Abbvie


Best Practices for Leveraging CI Solution Providers

Wednesday 15 November, 11:00-12:15

Marc will be joined by
Yvette Lawal, Director, Competitive Intelligence, Abbvie

A critical element for any organization is maximizing its Competitive Intelligence (CI) analytics; in our era of perfectly efficient markets, an effective "Early Warning" system can only be achieved by including priConferences, symposia, competitor-sponsored tradeshows and other events — whether f2f, hybrid or virtual - are the most fertile grounds for collecting targeted intelligence. Yet, many companies do not fully exploit or harvest the multitude of intelligence collection opportunities — including pre- and post-event activities. In addition, they frequently don't take full advantage of their CI partner's core competencies to optimally complement in-house activities with outsourced primary CI "specialist" investigations. This presentation will provide you with a best practices roadmap and tools to get consistently high results from conference coverage.

Core Topics:

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