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SCIP 37th Annual International Conference & Exhibition:
IntelliCon 2023

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Strategic Foresight: Competitive Advantage via Impactful Competitor & Market Anticipation +

Marc Limacher, INOVISMarc Limacher
Founder & CEO, INOVIS
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Demian Straka, Hewlett Packard Enterprise | Ben Scherer, Red Hat Software | Stephen Hernan, Life Science & Advanced Technologies


Breaking Bad (News): Practitioner Perspectives on How to Successfully Communicate Difficult News to Stakeholders +

Kathleen Dean, INOVISKathleen Dean
Senior Director of Strategic Client Services
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Best Practices for Leveraging CI Solution Providers

Wednesday 17 April, 10:00 to 11:30

Marc will be joined by
Demian Straka, Director of Customer Research, Market Intelligence and Competitive Insights, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Ben Scherer, Senior Principal Product Marketing, Red Hat Software & Co-Founder of the Competitive Marketing Summit; Stephen Hernan, Global Market Intelligence, CI Thought Leader, Life Science & Advanced Technologies

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A critical element for any organization is maximizing its Competitive Intelligence (CI) analytics; in our era of perfectly efficient markets, an effective "Early Warning" system can only be achieved by including primary source intelligence as part of your CI model. Based on several tested and proven best practices approaches utilized by Fortune 100 firms, you will learn how to optimally, early and systematically detect competitors' behaviors, likely strategic growth initiatives, sales motions and customer pain points, and anticipate market opportunities and competitors' next moves as part of such an Early Warning system.

The focus:

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Breaking Bad (News): Practitioner Perspectives on How to Successfully Communicate Difficult News to Stakeholders

Tuesday 18 April, 10:00 to 11:15

How do you deliver news that could be ignored by, disappoint, or even anger your stakeholders? At some point, every CI and strategy practitioner must share information and recommendations other than what your stakeholders hoped to hear. This can involve difficult decisions as a practitioner. Negative outcomes of taking the wrong approach can range from harming your working relationships to missing opportunities to land critical, time-sensitive alerts with the stakeholders who can act on them. Join this panel discussion and workshopping session to learn proven, proactive techniques to manage stakeholder expectations and proactively communicate sensitive insights and guidance throughout your stakeholder engagement cycle. This session will include perspectives from both the practitioner and the service provider points of view as well as active input and discussion from session participants.

Through a combination of real-world examples and hands-on breakout exercises, session attendees will learn techniques for and receive best practice templates to more proactively and confidently address a range of scenarios where "bad" news must be shared. The panel discussion will cover best practices for breaking "bad" news throughout the project life cycle.

Learning Objectives

  • Before a project — Scope and manage primary research stakeholder expectations
  • During a project — Communicate emerging primary insights during an investigation
  • Finalizing a project — Identify and create a communication plan to effectively deliver research-driven findings and recommendations when the news may be "bad"

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