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SCIP 36th Annual International Conference & Exhibition:
IntelliCon 2022

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SCIP Intellicon 2022

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Best Practices for Leveraging CI Solution Providers +

Marc Limacher, INOVISMarc Limacher
Founder & CEO, INOVIS
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Best Practices for Leveraging CI Solution Providers

Wednesday 27 April, 10:00 to 11:30

Marc will be joined by
Anand Athavale from Veritas Technologies
Tracy Berry from Freshworks and
Steve Hernan from Thermo Fisher

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As a practitioner, engaging a service provider to support a tactical or strategic initiative requires striking an optimal balance of practitioner/service provider responsibilities. Done right, these engagements grow into partnerships resulting in actionable intelligence that can impact the bottom line as well as position your organization to strategically advise the business to better prepare it for likely scenarios ahead.

In this collaborative session, presenters will share use cases from two Fortune 100 competitive intelligence and strategy practitioners that illustrate impactful approaches to an optimal symbiosis of the practitioner / service provider partnership.

The focus will be on how to most effectively partner with a strategic CI partner to both maximize the outcome of each engagement (whether it be ad hoc and tactical or longer-term and strategic) and to contribute to positioning the practitioners in your organization as proactive and trusted advisors. Specific criteria and best practices for building reliable, trusted partnerships will be shared, ranging from initial rules of engagement, best allocating both internal practitioner and service provider resources to engagements, and most effectively facilitating delivery of high value and high impact results.

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Experience examples of leading organizations shifting how they support business partners, leverage external providers, and source intelligence

Hear best practices for building agile CI processes, developing data analytics capabilities, and doubling down on HUMINT

Learn how to turbocharge strategic advantage and revenue impact with tried-and-true strategic frameworks as well as cutting-edge analytics

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