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  • How To Protect Your Brand From Competitive And Digital Risks
    March 24, 18:00 - 21:00
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Competitive Advantage via Competitor & Market Anticipation?

Swiss Intell Meeting : HIGH IMPACT STRATEGIC FORESIGHT / Competitive Advantage

The goal of every business, whether large or small, is to maximise its competitive advantage. Competitive Intelligence (CI) supports business decision making by enabling the timely discovery of opportunities and threats. How can modern enterprises use CI to overcome challenges and orient their course of action in response to actionable opportunities? In a world where digital threats amplify the traditional business risks, what is the link between CI and cyber resilience? Why does a high-impact CI function require anticipatory, strategic guidance through the effective use of unique primary intelligence sources (HUMINT)?

The third meeting in the Next Big Thing series will be led by our distinguished guests, Sascha Maier, the Head of IT & Cyber Resilience at IWC Schaffhausen, and Marc Limacher, Founder and CEO at INOVIS. Together we will explore different perspectives on the role of competitive intelligence in ensuring the stability, prosperity, and security of a business.

Marc Limacher, INOVISMarc Limacher
Founder & CEO, INOVIS
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