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The impact of the MHRA's participation in the Access Consortium on Competitive Assumptions

What's the news?

In 2021, the MHRA is set to join Australia, Canada, Singapore and Switzerland's existing consortium and the FDA's Project ORBIS in a collaborative effort to expedite approvals in those member states through a single approval, potentially expediting the time to approval and impacting future competitive timeline assumptions.

Impact of MHRAs participation in ACCESS Consortium

Key things you should know

Great initiative, but what does this mean to existing and future competitive timelines?

Undoubtably, companies have much more choice in determining the best path forward for their own submissions and approvals. While there's no change in the case-by-case approach most companies employ, there are some key learnings from past appraisals by the ACCS and ORBIS initiatives that INOVIS applies to the strategic guidance it develops. These learnings, coupled with specialized competitive intelligence activities will provide confidence and valuable insight in shaping your competitive strategies.

All clear, but what if I have more questions than answers!

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Baljit Singh, Managing Director & Partner, Life Sciences Group

Baljit Singh, PhD
Managing Director & Partner, Life Sciences Group
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Harshal Kubavat, Head of Strategic Consulting, Global Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Group

Harshal Kubavat, PhD
Head of Strategic Consulting, Global Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Group
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