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SCIP IntelliCon 2020

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Maximizing Revenues through Effective Intelligence Activities
Workshop C | Tuesday, Nov 17 | 8:00 am - 5:00 pm +

Larry Fauconnet, INOVIS
Larry Fauconnet
Senior Director
CI Insights & Strategy
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High Impact Strategic Foresight - Competitive Advantage via Competitor and Market Anticipation
General Session | Wednesday, Nov 18 | 10:30 am - 12:00 pm +
Get the Most Mileage and ROI - Best Practices in Trade Show Coverage
Breakout Session B | Thursday, Nov 19 | 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm +

Marc Limacher, INOVIS
Marc Limacher

Founder & CEO, INOVIS
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Maximizing Revenues through Effective Intelligence Activities

Monday, May 11  |  8:00 am - 5:00 pm

In our over-digitized world and perfectly efficient markets, the need for timely, actionable intelligence has never been greater than today. While information and data is omnipresent and can be sliced and diced in numerous ways, genuine anticipatory intelligence based on non-public sources is more critical than ever. The overall goal of this workshop is to equip participants with practical, hands-on tools and techniques to achieve tangible, measurable bottom line impacts through their CI activities. Participants will walk away with a tested and proven CI tool box containing a multitude of effective CI collection, analysis and presentation templates as well as a set of best practices on how to achieve lasting C-suite visibility with continuously relevant, high impact strategic intelligence.

At least two CI practitioners from Fortune 500 firms will further illustrate effective CI tools, presentation methods and impactful management communication techniques to achieve impactful results and measurable ROI.

We will focus on CI techniques and applications that help drive revenues and bottom line results at the tactical level. Specifically, we will discuss proven techniques in the areas of:

  1. Win/Loss tracking programs and VOC (voice of the customer)
    1. Uncover the real reasons why you are losing and winning deals
    2. Leverage insights to optimize your GTM strategy, sales motion, value prop, sales strategy, etc to shorten sales cycles, retain customers, and enter new markets
    3. Optimize sales messaging, street pricing, and marcom strategies
  2. Pre-Sales intelligence programs
    1. Learn how to shorten sales cycles, up the net new accounts win rate, and optimize your product's GTM strategy
    2. Look at specific examples of proven sales enablement tools and templates you can apply instantly to generate results for your sales force with maximum impact
  3. Learn about the benefits of implementing a systematic early warning system (EWS) that benefits cross-functional teams
    1. Get illustrations of successful EWS programs in action$
    2. Understand how to create immediate and noticeable impact across different stakeholder groups to solidify the CI team's "stickiness" and ensure increased funding.

Focus will be on best practices in Achieving "More with Less" when budgets are tight and get visibility at the C-suite level

  1. Demonstrate selected high impact/high value CI activities yielding a high ROI
  2. Obtain a decision roadmap on how to decide when, whether and what kinds of CI activities to outsource for maximum impact
  3. Learn how to balance primary vs secondary (publicly available) data sources and analysis tools
  4. Learn how to effectively deliver value-added intelligence of strategic value to senior management by overcoming organizational, communications and/or analytic challenges.
  5. Gain insights – via customer case studies – what constitutes success in the C-suite and how to most effectively integrate intelligence into senior management's decision cycle.
  6. Uncover methods of how to evolve the CI function from a reactive one that focuses on situational awareness to a strategic one that delivers proactive strategic advice based on HUMINT with proprietary informant networks.
  7. Interactive workshop using real-life scenarios that will engage participants in both collaborative and competing team environments.
  8. This will be an exciting, hands-on, innovative workshop "outside of the norm" as we will simulate several business-critical scenarios to test your creativity and adaptability while demonstrating best practices methodologies, deliverables, presentation templates, and effective communication tools.
  9. As part of this workshop you will have the opportunity to:
    • Leverage your industry and CI experience, working in one of many cross-functional teams on a series of time-sensitive business activities
    • Facilitated by workshop team and industry experts, identify learnings and best-practices that you can take back and implement into your daily practice

Inspiration from customer case studies to help improve your existing methods

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High Impact Strategic Foresight - Competitive Advantage via Competitor & Market Anticipation

Tuesday, May 12  |  10:30am - 12:00pm

In leaner economic times, transforming your competitive intelligence (CI) team's value proposition into a high impact/high value organization does not only result in greater visibility in (and reliance by) the C-suite but is a tested and proven strategy to guarantee the CI function's longevity and increased funding. Beyond maximizing your team's CI analytics via a unique network of unique internal and external "informants", an effective "Early Warning" system can move your team's charter from "first to know" to an impactful "first to anticipate" role, where senior management listens and acts on your evidence-based CI insights. Based on several tested and proven approaches utilized by Fortune 100 firms, you will learn how to optimally, early and systematically detect competitors' behaviors, likely strategic growth initiatives, sales motions and customer pain points, and anticipate market opportunities and competitors' next moves as part of an Early Warning system.

Key Take-Aways:

Co-presented with a Director, Corporate Strategy Insights, from Hewlett Packard

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Get the Most Mileage & ROI - Best Practices in Event Coverage

Thursday, May 9  |  10:20am to 11:20am

BACKGROUND : Conferences, symposia, competitor-sponsored tradeshows and other events are the most fertile grounds for collecting targeted intelligence. Yet, many companies do not fully exploit or harvest the multitude of intelligence collection opportunities - including pre- and post-event activities. In addition, they frequently don't take full advantage of their CI partner's core competencies to optimally complement in-house activities with outsourced primary CI "specialist" investigations. This presentation will provide you with a best practices roadmap to get consistently high results from conference coverage.


What's in it for you?

At the end of this presentation you should be able to:

Co-presented with a Senior Manager, Competitive Intelligence, from Rauland

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