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Harshal Kubavat, PhD, explores how INOVIS helps navigate uncertainty through competitively driven strategy.


Harshal Kubavat of INOVIS CI discusses competitive-strategyInaction can lead to a loss of competitive advantage, which is detrimental to an organization.

My name is Harshal Kubavat. I am the Head of Strategic Consulting at INOVIS Life Sciences, and I'm based in the London Offices.

So, in the outside world, the competitive environment is changing so rapidly, evolving at such a fast pace that there are so many uncertainties out there, it's not really practical to wait for all the information to come to you, when ultimately, you've got a decision to make.

At INOVIS, we work with our partners and clients to better understand the information that's available - both the knowns and the unknowns- and how decisions that get made based upon these could potentially impact the competitive environment around them.

We do this in a number of different ways including facilitated activities such as workshopping, simulations and round-table discussions.

This part actually forms the cornerstone of the INOVIS Strategic Consulting Group.

By not just knowing the information about the competitors, but also pressure testing it, leveraging that information our clients feel a lot more empowered in driving their business forward.

At INOVIS, we're fortunate to have a number of talented individuals, researchers, moderators, as well as facilitators that can help guide individuals and teams in a strategic, competitive way.

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