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Baljit Singh (Ph.D.) shares his thoughts on how INOVIS supports decision making and ultimately enables us to be a thought partner for our clients.



Baljit Singh of INOVIS CI discusses strategic partneringFinding a partner that understands the competitive environment well enough to provide strategic and tactical guidance has always been a challenge in our industry.

My name is Baljit Singh and am the Managing Director and Partner at INOVI,a competitive intelligence firm, and I'm located in Switzerland.

INOVIS was founded in 1992 and is a leader in providing competitive intelligence services for the Life Sciences industry as well as the IT & Telco industry.

I personally am responsible for the Life Sciences industry which includes pharma, biotech, generics and also digital health.

I'm really proud of the fact that most of the INOVIS team comes from the industry side. It enables them to really understand what the client needs and also to provide actionable insights.

Ultimately, that helps support decision making and enables INOVIS to be a thought-partner.

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