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INOVIS ProAct Competitive Intelligence Strategy Software

Palo Alto/Princeton/Lucerne, February 2016. 

ProACT is a strategic tool that enables systematic and objective scenario development and action planning

ProACT is an all-in-one solution: Comprehensive, prioritized, integrated and aligned Scenarios for action planning.

Strategic Decision-making Remains Complex and Challenging

Complex factors and multiple functions affect brand & organizational performance. Dynamic environment, competition and market pressures are becoming boundary-less.

These factors can be both 'Internal' or 'External' to the organization. Multiple functions take tactical/strategic decisions during the entire product life cycle; these decisions are often taken in isolation and are not necessary aligned to strategic goal ( or the bigger picture ).

Strategic decisions need to take into account both internal and external factors for COMPREHENSIVE review. There is a need to integrate different functional insights during the various stages of a product lifecycle. The goal is to align prioritized scenarios (risk & opportunities) across different functions during the various stages of product lifecycle.

Ensure you not only plan for risk, but also for opportunities

Be ProACTive - Mitigate Risk and Maximize Opportunities

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