SCIP 33rd Annual International Conference & Exhibition

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Best Practices in Action: Optimizing the Practitioner / Service Provider Relationship

  • Senior Director, Azure Competitive Intelligence, Microsoft
  • Former Senior Director of Global Insights, Merck & Co
  • Consultant Product Manager, Competitive Intelligence Team, Dell EMC

Thursday, May 17, 11:00 to Noon

As a practitioner, engaging a service provider to support a tactical or strategic initiative requires striking an optimal balance of practitioner and service provider responsibilities. Done right, these engagements grow into partnerships resulting in actionable intelligence that can impact the bottom line as well as position your organization to strategically advise the business to better prepare it for likely scenarios ahead.

In this collaborative session, presenters will share use cases from two Fortune 100 competitive intelligence and strategy practitioners that illustrate impactful approaches to an optimal symbiosis of the practitioner/service provider partnership. The focus will be on how to most effectively partner with a strategic CI service provider to both maximize the outcome of each engagement (whether it be ad hoc and tactical or longer-term and strategic) and contribute to positioning the practitioners in your organization as proactive and trusted advisors. Specific criteria and best practices for building reliable, trusted partnerships will be shared, ranging from initial rules of engagement, optimal allocation of both internal practitioner and service provider resources to engagements, and most effectively facilitating delivery of high value and high impact results.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Frameworks for determining when to engage a service provider vs. dedicating in-house resources to an engagement; screening service providers to determine best fit; scoping and prioritizing stakeholder needs prior to deploying a service provider; and providing targeted, actionable deliverables
  • Real-world CI examples including practical ROI measures and CI outputs’ specific impact on strategic and tactical decisions
  • Perspective on key success factors for establishing and growing a flourishing and rewarding practitioner/service provider relationship, including a hands-on toolbox for implementable strategies

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INOVIS presents

From Scenario Planning to Actionable Early Warning: A Coordinated Approach to Address an Uncertain Environment


Taken individually as point-in-time studies, competitive landscape definition, scenario planning, and early warning fail to optimize the full benefit possible from these analytical and decision making tools. A coordinated approach that leverages and aligns each of these elements as a part of a dynamic, living, view of the changing environment which not only leads but drives proactive decision making, maximizes the benefit gained from these processes. Instead of having a collection of individual point-in-time studies, this session looks at leveraging these tools as elements of an ongoing process. This interactive session will break the time provided into four blocks. The first section will look at defining the competitive landscape using STEEP and five-forces analysis.

The second part will examine developing and pressure-testing hypothetical changes (most likely, most advantageous, and most dangerous possible futures) on the competitive landscape via scenario planning techniques which will look at the possible evolution of the STEEP and five-forces that make up the competitive landscape. The third session deals with identifying observable indicators that will confirm or deny that a potential future is developing - in other words - early warning. The last section will discuss how to integrate the resulting insights into the decision cycle - making the intelligence actionable.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Techniques to use STEEP and five-forces elements to define the competitive landscape
  • Framework to develop and test hypothetical futures using scenario planning and five-factor analysis
  • Insights on how to integrate the intelligence gained via landscape development, scenario planning, and early warning into the decision cycle

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