Mitigate | Optimize | Strategize

ProACT analytical software


Support for the complex challenges of strategic decision-making

  • Complex factors and functions inside and outside your organization impact the organization’s performance. Dynamic environments, competition, and market pressures no longer have boundaries.
  • Multiple functions require tactical or strategic decisions across your product life cycle. Such decisions are often made in isolation, lacking alignment to the business’ strategic goals and bigger picture.
  • Effective strategic decisions address all of these factors comprehensively, integrating different functional insights throughout the stages of the product lifecycle.

ProACT: A strategic tool that enables systematic and objective scenario development and action planning so you can:

  • Mitigate risk, leverage opportunities, and optimize strategy
  • Optimize corporate, portfolio, and product life cycle tactics and strategies at global, regional, and country levels
  • Align base case assumptions and alternative scenarios across functional teams for integrated action plans Align different views of risk and its potential consequences
  • Intuitive, seat-based software application solution available as both hosted and on-premises installations Be ProACTive-Ensure that you help your organization plans not only for risk, but for opportunities

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